Friday, 25 May 2012

Minor Threat - Demo's, Rehearsals & More

Here's a selection of demo's, rehearsals and alternate versions of tracks by Minor Threat. Included in the download is a rehearsal from 1981 done in the living room at their home, Dischord House. Apparently the original source was recorded on a Maxwell normal bias UR 90 cassette. There is also a copy of their first demo tape which was recorded in 1981 and then released in 2003. There is also an 'alternate mix' version of the Out Of Step album and finally I've also included another collection of demos that was released in 2001 as a split album with Youth Brigade (I've included the Youth Brigade tracks as well). Obviously some of the quality isn't great but you've already got the discography CD so I thought I'd post up some more obscure stuff.

Minor Threat were an American hardcore punk band, formed in 1980 in Washington, D.C.. The band split in 1983 & even though they were fairly short-lived they had a massive influence on the hardcore punk scene, both stylistically & in establishing a "do it yourself" ethic for music distribution & concert promotion. Their song "Straight Edge" became the eventual basis of the straight edge movement, while the band often professed their own "straight edge" ideals.


Here's the tracklistings...

01) I Don't Wanna Hear It
02) Bottled Violence
03) Stand Up (With False Start)
04) Stand up

FIRST DEMO TAPE (1981 - Released 2003) [192kbps]
01) Minor Threat
02) Stand Up
03) Seeing Red
04) Bottled Violence
05) Small Man, Big Mouth
06) Straight Edge
07) Guilty Of Being White
08) I Don't Wanna Hear It

OUT OF STEP [ALTERNATE MIX] (1983) [320kbps]
01) Betray
02) It Follows
03) Think Again
04) Look Back And Laugh
05) Sob Story
06) No Reason
07) Little Friend
08) Out Of Step
09) Cashing In

Minor Threat Side...
01) Minor Threat
02) Filler
03) I'm Seeing Red
04) I Don't Wanna Hear It
05) Small Man, Big Mouth
06) Straight Edge
07) Guilty Of Being White
08) In My Eyes

Youth Brigade Side...
09) I Object
10) Full Speed Ahead
11) Last Word
12) Waste Of Time
13) Youth Brigade
14) Bouncer
15) Snow Job
16) Moral Majority


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Friday, 11 May 2012

Hoolio - Dubstep Mix (Q1 2012)

Here's an excellent little dubstep mix by DJ Hoolio. I met Hoolio a few weeks back & as well as being a proficient DJ he is also a producer & engineer, running his own studio. He also runs, a web based radio station for all the bass-heads out there. As well as streaming non-stop Drum & Bass, Dub Step & House there is also live DJ sets most evenings. You can either listen on-line or use the free app so go check it out now.

In the meantime you can download or stream the mix below... There are other music streams available on this site. Either choose the page from the Music Streams section on the right or just click here.