Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Covers Collection 1

Well to start things off here’s a small collection of cover songs.

01. Eve Of Destruction - The Dickies - The Incredible Shrinking Dickies

(Written by P.F. Sloan)

02. Who Put The Bomp - Me First & The Gimme Gimmes - Blow In The Wind
(Written by Barry Mann/Gerry Goffin)

03. The Likely Lads - Snuff - Potatoes & Melons
(TV Theme)

04. Ain’t No Feeble Bastard - Soulfly - Bleed EP
(Written by Discharge)

05. Drug Me - Sepultura - Blood Rooted
(Written by Dead Kennedys)

06. Come To Daddy - Dillinger Escape Plan - Irony Is A Dead Scene EP
(Written by The Aphex Twin)
If you haven’t seen the video by Chris Cunningham for The Aphex Twin version, do so.

07. God Save The Queen - Motorhead - We Are Motorhead
(Written by Sex Pistols)

08. Ace Of Spades - Battalion Of Saints - Death-R-Us
(Written by Motorhead)

09. Police Story/Wasted - Planes Mistaken For Stars - Black On Black
(Written by Black Flag)

10. Ballroom Blitz - The Damned - Just Can’t Be Happy Today Single

(Written by The Sweet)


Hope you enjoy 'em. If you know of some other good cover versions leave me a comment, cheers.

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