Monday, 25 January 2010

The Plight-Feb 2010 Tour Cancelled

05-2010: Unfortunately The Plight have had to cancel this tour due to the loss of a band member. They'll be back ;)

Here's some words from the band...

I cannot fully express how bad we feel for doing this but we have to cancel the tour.

Really sorry for the hassle this will cause, but we have no other choice.

Our bass player walked out on us last night. After nearly 3 years of being in the band and working various shit jobs and turning down most other commitments, he’s decided that the job he’s been offered is too much to turn down.

I hope you appreciate this whole thing has been a nightmare for us. Sean had told us he was leaving before this but had agreed to do the tour as a farewell, especially as I had booked it. We literally found out last night that he could no longer honor this. There's no hard feelings but of course it's a shame to have to cancel. Not to mention the fact that our drummer left the band a few weeks ago, which we'd managed to replace before the tour. We have a lad with a killer groove on drums now. Watch this space I guess.

The heart of the band is still alive and we will back with vengeance later in the year. Hopefully we can book the tour in a couple of month’s time when we have sorted this. To try get someone to fill in at this late stage (1 week before the first gig) would be a dishonor to our selves as well as people listening.

Again. Sorry for the fuck about. We will be back.


Here's a copy of the tour poster and you can buy their latest album "Winds Of Osiris" from Amazon.

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