Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Dark Star - Let There Be Light EP

This is a classic 'rave' EP from 1992. It was released on the Sapho Records label which was a part of Rising High records. It's a pretty obscure single but I've just ripped the vinyl for a mate and thought I may as well post it.

Most of the samples (& band name... & track titles ;) are taken from the cult classic movie Dark Star by John Carpenter.

Here's the tracklisting (320kbps)...
01) New Day Coming
02) Thunder
03) Dark Star
04) Let There Be Light



  1. Wow, totally forgot about the Dark Star EP! this got played to death on the free party scene back in the olden days. It is weird actually, it is only in the last year that I have been listening to the very early Rising High releases and some of the early German labels they used to license from. The Scientist, Earth Leakage Trip and Irresistible Force etc...all sounds strangely fresh and compelling some 20 years down the line...

    ..that moment before the fluid sound of house/techno was striated into various genres and we all started seeing the music through a self-imposed level of abstraction and identifying with a particular "sound" and the loose belief systems that were tagged onto a particular genre.

    The Dark Star EP is a snapshot into just how diverse the music was back then and paradoxically it feels more experimental than 99% of electronic music I hear today but maybe thats just me being a nostalgic middle-aged cynic ;)

  2. This is a cracking EP and I could still play it out today. I didn't even realise Sapho was a part of Rising High until I ripped this.

    I really need to dig out all my old tunes and go through them as they're all just sitting in crates gathering dust in my cupboard under the stairs. I must have around 300 and there are some real gems among them.

    We used to get all the Rising High (and other labels) releases free because they would send them to the current 'base of operations' for Spiral Tribe. Even after the spirals moved on there would still be the occassional pack of free tunes and 'cos we still partied at the house all the time my collection got a few nice freebies.