Friday, 10 September 2010

Vaultage 78

Vaultage 78 was a compilation album featuring various punk and new wave bands from Brighton. I think this is probably the first time Peter & The Test Tube Babies appeared on vinyl and the Piranhas for that matter but I don't know for sure.


Here's the tracklisting (256kbps)...
01) Girl Gets Nervous [Nicky And The Dots]
02) I Find That Really Surprising [Nicky And The Dots]
03) Wrong Street [Nicky And The Dots]
04) I Don't Care [The Dodgems]
05) Fruitless [Devil's Dykes]
06) Plastic Flowers [Devil's Dykes]
07) Elvis Is Dead [Peter & The Test Tube Babies]
08) Larger Than Life [The Parrots]
09) Vicious Circles [The Parrots]
10) New Town [The Vitamins]
11) Lord Lucan Is Missing [The Dodgems]
12) Tension [The Piranhas]
13) Virginity [The Piranhas]
14) I Don't Want My Body [The Piranhas]


Note: If the above links don't work try the following from mediafire...


  1. Excellent choice, Ernest! I really enjoyed this when it came out - particularly Plastic Flowers by Devil's Dykes, pure Delta 5/Au Pairs/Mekons .. go get!

    Many more mp3s by several of the groups above can be found here on Stuart Jones'great site on early punk in Brighton

    He also runs the following sites: (post-Ure PVC2)

    Top notch, go thank the man!

    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  2. Thanks from me as well m8..actually Dave Sez pointed me in your direction so cheers to you too Dave :) Got this on vinyl as well as the '79 one but not on mp3 so nice one.They're going for around £30 each in "Wax Factor" in Brighton btw!

  3. £30 eh? thats pretty tempting but to be honest I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to vinyl.

    My brother is down in Brighton and he's going to be selling some of his vinyl soon (he's got shitloads and he's not prepared to work so some of the vinyl has to go). Id better make sure he doesn't sell any of mine ;)

    Anyway thanks to you both :)