Sunday, 12 December 2010

Deathwish/6 Feet Under Records - Sampler

Deathwish/Malfunction along with Six Feet Under Records released this free sampler of hardcore/metal/punk in Spring 2010. MMX features 34 songs from some of the most anticipated hardcore/punk/metal releases due out in the future.

Bands included on "MMX" (in order of appearance): Converge, Narrows, Integrity, Blacklisted, Doomriders, Nails, Bitter End, Rise And Fall, Acid Tiger, Lewd Acts, Killing The Dream, Carpathian, 108, Starkweather, Overmars, J. Bannon, Eshas, Rot In Hell, As We Let Go, The Rival Mob, New Lows, 50 Lions, Trap Them, Mother Of Mercy, United Nations, Ressurection, The Carrier, True Colors, Foundation, Pegasus, End of a Year, Daylight, Irons, and Ceremony.


Deathwish Inc. have also made this available via a torrent. You can download the torrent here.

Here's the tracklisting (192kbps)...
01) Dark Horse [Converge]
02) Recurring [Narrows]
03) Process of Illumination [Integrity]
04) Our Apartment Is Always Empty [Blacklisted]
05) Come Alive [Doomriders]
06) Scum Will Rise [Nails]
07) Unjust [Bitter End]
08) It's A Long Way Down [Rise & Fall]
09) The Claw [Acid Tiger]
10) Young Lovers, Old Livers [Lewd Acts]
11) Blame The Architects [Killing The Dream]
12) Wanderlust [Carpathian]
13) God Talk [108]
14) Broken From Inside [Starkweather]
15) Last Sail Sinking [Overmars]
16) Heavy Blood (Empty Version) [J.Bannon]
17) Goodbye [Eshas]
18) Coyotenia [Rot In Hell]
19) Face Up [As We Let Go]
20) Hardcore For Hardcore [The Rival Mob]
21) Harvesting The Carcass [New Lows]
22) Winding Roads [50 Lions]
23) Pulse Mavens [Trap Them]
24) Demise [Mother Of Mercy]
25) Pity Animal [United Nations]
26) Culture [Ressurection]
27) Wasted [The Carrier]
28) Alone [True Colours]
29) Hang Your Head [Foundation]
30) In My Fright [Pegasus]
31) Eddie Antar [End Of A Year]
32) Tart [Daylight]
33) Letting Go [Irons]
34) Dance Party [Ceremony]

35) Integrity - Invocation Of The Blackest Curse (Trailer For "The Blackest Curse" CD/LP)
36) Converge - Thousands Of Miles Between Us (Trailer For Their "Thousands Of Miles Between Us" DVD)


Note: You can also download this direct from Deathwish...

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