Friday, 21 January 2011

Oria - Totem (D&B Mix)

This drum & bass mix was put together by an old friend and frequent DJ partner of mine. This is coming straight from the warmer shores of Cyprus where Oria now lives (lucky bastard ;) As well as bringing you the latest drum & bass and liquid funk mixes Oria also helps with This site was launched in February 2010 with the sole aim of promoting what, in Cyprus at least, can be simply termed as 'alternative electronic dance music' such as Drum & Bass, 'Breaks', Dubstep and Trip-Hop.

Here's what Oria had to say about the Totem mix...
I put this 1hr selection together to round off the year after having a bit of a DnB lull since the summer. Most of these vinyl releases I picked up in September/November 2010 so it's mostly quite recent stuff and then straight forward mixing on my trusty Technics 1210s. I quite like the flow on this mix and maybe even less wobbles than previous efforts ;) Anyway music talks for itself so enjoy and please share any comments with me if you listened :)

The file can be streamed or downloaded below...

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Here's the tracklisting (320kbps)...
01) Oh Please! [Redeyes]
02) So Good [Command Strange]
03) Do Me Wrong [Kubiks]
04) Sometimes [Paul SG]
05) Daydreamer [Technicolour & Komatic]
06) It's All Over [Command Strange]
07) Springy [System]
08) Soulwave [dbAudio & dramatic]
09) Hallowed [Rehab]
10) 125th Street [Hobzee & Zyon Base feat. Brother]
11) Stoned Love [Command Strange & Intelligent Manners]
12) Skyline Boulevard [Technicolour & Komatic]
13) Jazz 95 [Paul SG]
14) Sy-Fi [System]
15) Vegas [Blade]
16) Waterlogged [Random Movement]
17) Sweet Nothings [Rehab]
18) She Said [Brother]
19) Rhodesomes [Paul SG & Clart]
20) Change For The Train Home [Random Movement]
21) Brothers [Redeyes]
22) Get In The Groove [Command Strange]
23) Pages [E-Z Rollers]


If you just want the covers for the CD you can get them here.

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