Friday, 25 March 2011

Prog Punk Collection

To the surprise of some people punk music isnt just three chord thrash. There are a few punk bands who definitely tried to integrate some rock opera elements into their music. Here's a little selection of some of the more prog punk tracks. There's a fair mix of different styles, from hardcore to anarcho to punk though there was only a few bands who were more likely to do these kind of songs. Obviously it's not really prog but they're not your average punk songs either.


Here's the tracklisting (320kbps)...
01) Rats [Subhumans]
02) Dear Coach's Corner [Propagandhi]
03) Target/Mr Disney/War [Zounds]
04) Sweden (All Quiet On The Eastern Front) [The Stranglers]
05) Smash It Up (Parts 1 & 2) [The Damned]
06) The Malcolm Opera [Splodgenessabounds]
07) Riot [Dead Kennedys]
08) Exercise #4 / Plain Speaking [Th'Inbred]
09) Reality Whitewash [Crass]
10) They (The Eternal Myth & Paradox) [Antisect]
11) Supporting Caste [Propagandhi]
12) From The Cradle To The Grave [Subhumans]
13) Man (Reproduce] [Reality Control]
14) I Just Can't Be Happy Today [The Damned]
15) Moving Away From The Pulsebeat [The Buzzcocks]
16) Down In The Sewer [The Stranglers]
17) Last Will & Testament [Propagandhi]


Note: If the above links don't work try the following from mediafire...


  1. That's a pretty damn cool collection, mate!

  2. Thanks for that and come to that thanks for your blog and all the great stuff on!!

  3. Cheers you two :) Glad you like it.

  4. Some of my favourite tracks from the anarcho-punk era with Cradle To The Grave being the all time anarcho-prog classic though honourable mention has to go to Anti-Sect and Zounds.

    As for the 'punk' side of things I would go with the Buzzcocks track where Pete Shelley let his kosmische side shine and I only wish they had used that as a spring board to future sonic explorations but alas its now nostalgia tours and teenage simulacra screaming "Have You Ever Fallen In Love"...ugh.

    Totally agree with The Damned tracks but I think you have missed out the best "prog-punk" track of all time, the two epic versions of 'Curtain Call" they did...I have them both kicking around in 320 if you do not have them, just leave a comment or for that matter if anyone else wants to hear both versions...

    As far as "live" prog-punk goes it has to be The Subhumans circa 1984 though Black Flag were also getting pretty "progged-out" at the same time...and though Amebix and Anti-Sect were pretty "musical" for want of a better word, thats more the metal than prog imo.

    Great post, a wonderful way to discover your blog via a Here & Now search!

  5. Nice one, thanks man.

    Good shout on Curtain Call as well, didn't think of that one. Though I haven't actually got a copy of The Black Album *adds it to my wanted list*

    I didn't use any Amebix 'cos they didn't really fit the 'vibe' of the rest of the comp.

    Basically I started with the ultimate prog-punk track 'From The Cradle To The Grave' (to this day it's still a favourite of mine) and then worked from there :)

    Glad you liked it.