Friday, 15 July 2011

Derek And Clive - Ad Nauseam

I got a request for the final Derek & Clive album so here it is. Derek and Clive is a double act of comedic characters created by Dudley Moore (Derek) and Peter Cook (Clive) in the 1970s. The characters are supposedly two lavatory attendants and are appallingly foul-mouthed extensions of their earlier characters Pete and Dud. Pretty much every 'sketch' is highly offensive and usually consist of the drunken pair swearing at each other. If words like fuck and shit offend you then you're not going to like this but I find some of it really funny :) This download is their third (& last) album called Ad Nauseam which was recorded in 1978. I've also included the transcripts of the 'sketches' with the download file. You can get the other two albums on this blog by clicking here. There was also a film documentary recorded in 1979 called Derek and Clive Get The Horn.


Here's the tracklisting (256kbps)...
01) Endangered Species
02) Horse Racing
03) TV
04) Bruce Forsyth
05) Records
06) Soul Time
07) Russia
08) Sir
09) Celebrity Suicide
10) Politics
11) Labels
12) Street Music
13) The Horn
14) Mona
15) The Critics
16) Intergalactic Sex
17) Rape, Death And Paralysis
18) Lady Vera Fart Teller
19) I Can't Shit
20) Sex Manual
21) Stupid


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