Friday, 4 November 2011

Crass - Christ: The Extras (Live/Practice)

Ladies & Gentlemen, it's Christ....

This download is some of the more obscure extras from the band Crass.

Christ: The Bootleg was recorded live in Nottingham in the UK on February the 5th 1984 during the band's last tour. This was originally released in 1989, with permission from the band, through Allied Recordings and then reissued in 1997 by No Idea Records.

The other part of the download is a couple of rehearsal sessions from 1981 just prior to releasing Christ The Album. I originally got the rehearsal recordings from the excellent Kill Your Pet Puppy site so go and check it out.

There's more Crass stuff available on the site. Get the Merry Crassmas single here and there's also the flexi version of Rival Tribal Revel Rebel.


Christ: The Bootleg (320kbps)...
  01) The Falklands (Introduction)
  02) Yes Sir, I Will
  03) Nineteen Eighty Bore
  04) Don't Get Caught
  05) Mother Earth
  06) Mother Love
  07) Smash The Mac
  08) Bata Motel
  09) Darling
  10) Poison In A Pretty Pill
  11) Gotcha
  12) Big A, Little A
  13) Yes Sir, I Will
  14) Major General Despair
  15) Take It As Entertainment
  16) You're Already Dead

Christ: The Rehearsal 01 (128kbps)
  01) Beg The Question
  02) Bumhooler
  03) Reality Whitewash (Take 1)
  04) Reality Whitewash (Take 2)
  05) Reality Whitewash (Take 3)
  06) Reality Whitewash (Take 4)
  07) Mother Love
  08) You Can Be You

Christ: The Rehearsal 02 (128kbps)
  01) Have A Nice Day
  02) Mother Love
  03) Nineteen Eighty Bore
  04) I Know There Is Love
  05) Beg The Question
  06) Birth Control
  07) Reality Whitewash
  08) The Greatest Working Class Rip Off
  09) Buy Now Pay As You Go
  10) You Can Be Who
  11) Deadhead
  12) Bumhooler
  13) Major General Despair
  14) Feathers


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  1. Hi ErnestEmbryo! In thanks:

    The only studio demos I've seen:

    The only Crass Peel session, thanks to the late great sircharliepalmer.

    Recorded: 28.03.79 Transmitted:10.04.79. Tracklist: 1. G's Song 2. Mother Earth 3. Bomb 4. Shaved Women 5. Tired

    Live Crass:

    Steve Ignorant performing Crass songs live 2007-2011:

    Cheers and Merry Crassmas! Dave Sez.

  2. Nice one Dave, thanks for the links :)