Saturday, 3 October 2009

Dead Swans

Formed in Brighton in 2006, Dead Swans have been making a name throughout the UK and Europe with a ferocious blend of hardcore that takes the musical influence from turn of the century Boston hardcore like American Nightmare and Right Brigade. They add a discordant melody and double bass metallic edge that, when combined with vocalist Nick Worthington’s strained voicebox abuse, creates a mix that has been garnering the band global attention (text from Bridge Nine Records website).

2008 Split EP (with Architects)
2008 Southern Blue EP
2009 It's Starting EP
2009 Sleepwalkers LP

Here's the tracks for download (320kbps)...

Swallow (from Split EP - with Architects)
Lines Of Separation (from Southern Blue EP)
Dead Until Dark (from Southern Blue EP)
The Hanging Sun (from Southern Blue EP)
Fix Me [Black Flag Cover] (from It's Starting EP)
Ascension (from Sleepwalkers CD)
20/07/07 (from Sleepwalkers CD)
Winter Overture (from Sleepwalkers CD)
Hide And Seek (from Sleepwalkers CD)
Montpellier To Home (from Sleepwalkers CD)


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