Friday, 25 September 2009

Blyth Power - 1986 Demos

Here's a couple more demo's from Blyth Power (this is the last one I'll be posting up... honest). They were both recorded in 1986 at the Street Level Studios. There's also some of their other demo's from 84 & 85, as well as A Little Touch Of Harry In The Night. Click here to see them all.

I got this recording from an excellent music blog called Kill Your Pet Puppy. If you like anarcho-punk, new wave & reggae etc. then it's definitely worth a visit and seeing what you can find.

Here's the tracklisting (128kbps mp3)...
Demo 1
01) John O'Gaunt
02) Goodbye General To Lose
03) Lady Politic

Demo 2
04) Marious Moves
05) Father O'Brien
06) Stand Into Danger
07) Caligula
08) Bricklayer's Arms
09) The Mermaid


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