Saturday, 5 December 2009

Ivor Cutler - Dandruff

Okay then... here's an album from a true eccentric. Ivor Cutler was a singer / poet / musician / writer / oddball from Glasgow in Scotland. This album was originally released in 1974 and even though I've heard a few of his other albums this is the one I know best. It contains such classics as Fremsley, I Believe In Bugs & If All The Cornflakes. Let's be honest, this isn't the kind of thing you'll be listening to everyday (respect to you if you do tho :) but every once in a while it's a lovely thing to hear.

There's a full discography/bibliography at his wikipedia page. I won't show the full track list here as there's 45 songs, view them here.



  1. ok....I sneaked another one of your albums.....had to be this....listened to this for many an hour on the john peel show way back when but never managed to hear the actual album....till now....thanks for this...all the very best to you....cheers.

  2. Hi,

    Don't suppose it's possible to put this up again?

    I lost this moving house about fifteen years ago with about 50 other L.P.s ( still have many others though )

    Love the blog - it's great remembering