Friday, 11 December 2009

Sleeping Dogs (Crass Records)

I've been digging through some old singles recently so I thought I'd post a few up. The "Beware Sleeping Dogs" EP was released on Crass Records in 1982 and rather than being your standard anarcho-punk this is definitely more of an experimental style. The Sleeping Dogs were the first American band on Crass Records though the American singer/poet Annie Anxiety had released the Barbed Wire Halo EP in 1981 (Cheers to SP for reminding me). Although this EP was released over 25 years ago the lyrics are still valid today covering subjects like American imperialism and war.

Here's the tracklisting (256kbps)...
01) Same Old Story
02) Concrete
03) Suzy's Song
04) (I Got My Tan In) El Salvador
05) Soldier



  1. Sleeping Dogs! Huge thanks for digging this up out of the memory hole and in great quality 256kbps as well...yes I definitely remember at the "end" of the Crass Records life they were putting out what I thought were the most interesting records as well as making some incredible experimental material themselves..

    Anarcho-trainspotter alert! Annie Anxiety was the first American to record for Crass with Barbed Wire Halo in 1981 though I guess in terms of a "band" then Sleeping Dogs were the first with MDC following a year later, cannot think of any other Americans...Crucifix was on Corpus Christi so I guess they dont count!

  2. *DOH* I completely forgot about Annie Anxiety which is not that easy to do if you've ever seen her live show. It was definitely a challenge for a young punk like myself who was waiting for Crass or Conflict to start.