Friday, 13 August 2010

The ABC Of Anarchy

This is a compilation of anarcho punk bands I made recently. I did have a nice idea for the track list but it all went a bit tits up at the letter Q so I've had to use a little artistic license ;) This is actually all mixed together into one big mp3 file. Unfortunately I couldn't use my decks as I don't have all the vinyl so it was done on my laptop using Audacity, a free audio editor. It goes on for around an hour and I've included some covers if you want to burn yourself a copy.

You can stream it here...

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Here's the tracklisting (320kbps)...
01) Tortured And Abused [Antisect]
02) Riot Style [Bored]
03) Berkshire Cunt [Conflict]
04) Unemployment [DIRT]
05) Operation Successful [Exit Stance]
06) Poem / Tube Disasters [Flux Of Pink Indians]
07) Time Bomb [G.B.H.]
08) Cosmetic Plague [Human Error]
09) Success On A Plate [Icons Of Filth]
10) Banned From The Roxy [Jeffrey Lewis]
11) It's Our World Too [Karma Sutra]
12) Sea Of Desecration [Legion Of Parasites]
13) Another Day, Another Death [The Mob]
14) One Step Forward [Naked]
15) Man Made [Omega Tribe]
16) Jump Mama Jump [Poison Girls]
17) Q: And Children? A: And Children. [Discharge]
18) B Ward [Rudimentary Peni]
19) Rats [Subhumans]
20) Let's Be Free [The System]
21) Tube Disasters (Flux Cover) [UK Subs]
22) Indo-China (Crucifix Cover) [Varukers]
23) Fuck The System (X.S. Cover) [Wat Tyler]
24) Fuck The System [X.S.]
25) Power [Youthanasia]
26) Fear (Live) [Zounds]


OPNDThis download (as well as lots and lots of other good stuff) is also available at the excellent Old Punks Never Die site.

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