Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Amebix - Live In Slovenia 1986

This live show was recorded in 1986 in Ljubljana, Slovenia & was released as a bootleg called Make Some Fuckin' Noise on Arson Records.

Amebix are one of my favourite bands of all time & basically they're a bunch of crusty punk types from the west country in the UK. I always felt there was something a bit different & unique about the band & even though they're always lumped in with the anarcho-punk bands like Crass they aren't your standard Crass clone. A much slower, darker feel to their sound & combined with the bleak imagery of their art & lyrics Amebix always seemed to follow their own path rather than repeating the same old stuff.

The band split up around 20 years ago but they reformed in 2008 to do some gigs. It's not quite the original line-up but the new drummer Roy Mayorga has played with other excellent bands like Soulfly, Nausea & is currently playing for Stone Sour. They have just spent some time in the studio & have released a 12" EP called Redux. The tracks are all re-workings of existing material & I have to say it's great to hear the new versions. You can get a full review and a sample track from the Old Punks Never Die site.


Here's the tracklisting for the live show (128kbps)...
01) Arise
02) Largactyl
03) Drink And Be Merry
04) Fallen From Grace
05) Axeman
06) Spoils Of Victory
07) I.C.B.M.
08) The Darkest Hour


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