Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Bullshit Detector 2 (Crass Records)

This download isn't one of mine but thanks to the Old Punk you can get volume two of the Bullshit Detector series on Crass Records in FLAC (Lossless) format at the Old Punks Never Die site. In fact while you're waiting for your download to finish you can also get yourself some vegan recipes to try, pick up some home gardening tips or just check out the other music on the site.

Here's what Mr OP had to say...
The 'Bullshit Detector' series of three releases offered the chance for any @-punk with a tape recorder and something to say to get heard. Whether that was always a good thing or not, at least in technical or musical terms, can be (and has been) debated. What is undeniable is that these records offer a unique insight into @-punk culture in its heyday. Even the 'bad' tracks seem to fit in with the overall sense and purpose of the album and are certainly worth hearing at least once.

Heres the tracklisting (FLAC format)...
01) Voice Of U.K. [Waiting For Bardot]
02) Nature Wonder [Omega Tribe]
03) Random Relations [Suspects]
04) Think About It [Your Funeral]
05) Receiver Deceiver [Kronstadt Uprising]
06) Freedom [Deformed]
07) Let's Get It Right [No Label]
08) Same Old Songs [The Rejected]
09) Garageland [Boffo]
10) Fuck The System [XS]
11) Manipulated Youth [Polemic Attack]
12) A. Gardener's Song [A. Gardener]
13) Tradition Of Slaughter [Toxic]
14) Breakup [1984]
15) Insert [Unknown Artist]
16) Police Brutality [Toxik Ephex]
17) Low [Sic]
18) Ain't Got A Clue [Molitov Cocktail]
19) Mid 1930's (Pre-War Germany) [Naked]
20) We've Realised The Truth Now [Capital Punishment]
21) All The Wars [Anthrax]
22) Slaughter Of The Innocent (Curiosity Kills) [Unknown Artist]
23) War Games [Pseudo Sadists]
24) Psycho Analysis [Total Chaos]
25) War Without Winners [Dougie]
26) The Survivor [St. Vitus Dancers]
27) Christus Erection [Stegz]
28) Brutalised [Metro Youth]
29) Black Market Shadow [Normality Complex]
30) Power & The Glory [Youth In Asia]
31) Security System [Riot Squad]
32) Agent Orange [Destructors]
33) U.K. In Dreamland [The Pits]
34) Riot Style [The Bored]
35) Theatre Comment [Toby Kettle]
36) Three Years Later [Chumbawamba]
37) Start Again [Passion Killers]
38) Get Off Yr Ass [Amerikan Arsenal]

OPNDTo get this download in FLAC format (as well as lots and lots of other good stuff) just take yourself over to the Old Punks Never Die site.        

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