Sunday, 27 February 2011

Electric Blues Collection

This is a selection of some Electric Blues from a number of different artists. It includes people like John Lee Hooker, Ry Cooder, Howlin' Wolf, Stray Cats & Muddy Waters.

Electric blues is a type of blues music distinguished by the amplification of the guitar, bass, drums & often the harmonica. Pioneered in the 1930s, it emerged as a genre in Chicago in the 1940s. It was taken up in many areas of America leading to the development of regional subgenres such as electric Memphis blues & Texas blues.

I do have to say that Ry Cooder's guitar playing on Feelin' Bad Blues is probably the best slide guitar I've ever heard :) It's from the Crossroads soundtrack.


Here's the tracklisting (320kbps except track 4 which is 192kbps)...
01) Willie Brown Blues [Ry Cooder]
02) No Shoes [John Lee Hooker]
03) Sitting On Top Of The World [Howlin' Wolf]
04) Drink That Bottle Down [Stray Cats]
05) Party Girl [T-Bone Walker]
06) After Hours [Pee Wee Crayton]
07) Don't Start Me Talking [Sonny Boy Williamson]
08) Me Baby [Melvin "Lil' Son" Jackson]
09) Is The End [Buddy Guy]
10) Close To You [Muddy Waters]
11) The Sky Is Crying [Elmore James]
12) You've Been An Angel [B.B. King]
13) The Things (That) I Used To Do [Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble]
14) Sassy Mae [Memphis Slim]
15) Red House [Jimi Hendrix]
16) Up Baby [James Cotton]
17) Feelin' Bad Blues [Ry Cooder]
18) My Bitter Seed [Jimmy Reed]
19) The Story Of My Life [Guitar Slim]
20) Bound Blues [Willie Nix]
21) Cut That Out [Junior Wells]
22) Do Me Right [Willie Dixon]
23) Before You Accuse Me [Bo Diddley]
24) Blues Blaster's Boogie [Jimmy McCracklin & His Blues Blasters]
25) Cold Cold Feeling [T-Bone Walker]
26) Baby Left Me [Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup]
27) Okie Dokie Stomp [Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown]


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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Sugarhill Club Classics Collection

Here's a selection of some original hip hop. I mean we're talking block parties, popping & locking and the start of rap here, proper old school stuff. Sugar Hill Records was the name of a rap music record label that was founded in 1979 by husband and wife Joe and Sylvia Robinson with Milton Malden and financial funding of Morris Levy, the owner of Roulette Records. The download has some of the main pioneers of the early hip hop movement including Grandmaster Flash, Melle Mel & of course The Sugarhill Gang.


Here's the tracklisting (320kbps)...
01) White Lines [Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel]
02) Breakdance Electric Boogie [West Street Mob]
03) The Message [Grandmaster Flash]
04) Scorpio [Grandmaster Flash]
05) Step Off [Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel]
06) The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel [Grandmaster Flash]
07) Rappers Delight [Sugarhill Gang]
08) Pump Me Up [Trouble Funk]
09) Spoonie Is Back [Spoonie Gee]


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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

DJ Smutty - Breaks & Dub Plates Mix

Here's another breakbeat mix from DJ Smutty. This one is from a couple of months ago and is a mix of breaks & dub plates old and new !!! Unfortunately I haven't got the tracklisting even though I asked very nicely (get on with it Smut ;) but if you're into breakbeats and the like it's definitely worth hearing. You can download the mix in WAV format from Smut's soundcloud page or in 320kbps mp3 format from the megaupload link at the bottom of the post.

You can stream/download (in WAV format) it here...

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Sunday, 13 February 2011

DJ Smutty - Light & Dark (Breakbeat Mix)

This download is a mix by another good friend of mine, DJ Smutty. It runs for around an hour and 10 minutes with 17 tracks of breakbeat madness and has some real classic tunes on it. It was actually mixed at the end of 2008 and unfortunately I don't have the track listing. I've asked Smut for the tracks but he's as untogether as me so don't hold your breath. Anyway it shouldn't really be a problem so just go get it :) All files are 320kbps mp3s.

You can stream it here...

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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Bullshit Detector 2 (Crass Records)

This download isn't one of mine but thanks to the Old Punk you can get volume two of the Bullshit Detector series on Crass Records in FLAC (Lossless) format at the Old Punks Never Die site. In fact while you're waiting for your download to finish you can also get yourself some vegan recipes to try, pick up some home gardening tips or just check out the other music on the site.

Here's what Mr OP had to say...
The 'Bullshit Detector' series of three releases offered the chance for any @-punk with a tape recorder and something to say to get heard. Whether that was always a good thing or not, at least in technical or musical terms, can be (and has been) debated. What is undeniable is that these records offer a unique insight into @-punk culture in its heyday. Even the 'bad' tracks seem to fit in with the overall sense and purpose of the album and are certainly worth hearing at least once.

Heres the tracklisting (FLAC format)...
01) Voice Of U.K. [Waiting For Bardot]
02) Nature Wonder [Omega Tribe]
03) Random Relations [Suspects]
04) Think About It [Your Funeral]
05) Receiver Deceiver [Kronstadt Uprising]
06) Freedom [Deformed]
07) Let's Get It Right [No Label]
08) Same Old Songs [The Rejected]
09) Garageland [Boffo]
10) Fuck The System [XS]
11) Manipulated Youth [Polemic Attack]
12) A. Gardener's Song [A. Gardener]
13) Tradition Of Slaughter [Toxic]
14) Breakup [1984]
15) Insert [Unknown Artist]
16) Police Brutality [Toxik Ephex]
17) Low [Sic]
18) Ain't Got A Clue [Molitov Cocktail]
19) Mid 1930's (Pre-War Germany) [Naked]
20) We've Realised The Truth Now [Capital Punishment]
21) All The Wars [Anthrax]
22) Slaughter Of The Innocent (Curiosity Kills) [Unknown Artist]
23) War Games [Pseudo Sadists]
24) Psycho Analysis [Total Chaos]
25) War Without Winners [Dougie]
26) The Survivor [St. Vitus Dancers]
27) Christus Erection [Stegz]
28) Brutalised [Metro Youth]
29) Black Market Shadow [Normality Complex]
30) Power & The Glory [Youth In Asia]
31) Security System [Riot Squad]
32) Agent Orange [Destructors]
33) U.K. In Dreamland [The Pits]
34) Riot Style [The Bored]
35) Theatre Comment [Toby Kettle]
36) Three Years Later [Chumbawamba]
37) Start Again [Passion Killers]
38) Get Off Yr Ass [Amerikan Arsenal]

OPNDTo get this download in FLAC format (as well as lots and lots of other good stuff) just take yourself over to the Old Punks Never Die site.        

Friday, 4 February 2011

Ska Collection

Here's a selection of some classic ska tunes. As well as a lot of the early ska from labels like Trojan Records there's also a few tracks taken from the two tone label. Ska is a music genre that originated in Jamaica in the late 1950s, and was the precursor to rocksteady and reggae. It combines elements of Caribbean mento and calypso with American jazz and rhythm and blues and is characterized by a walking bass line accented with rhythms on the upbeat. Some of the tracks aren't perfect quality seeing as they were taken from pretty scratchy vinyl but considering they're around 40 years old what can you expect :) Most of the tracks are 320kbps mp3's except for 4, 17, 22 & 26 which are 192kbps.


Here's the tracklisting...
01) Jamaican Ska [Byron Lee & The Dragonaires]
02) Gangsters [The Special A.K.A.]
03) Train To Skaville [The Ethiopians]
04) Freak Out [Jackie Mittoo]
05) CN Express [Clancy Eccles All Stars]
06) 007 (Shanty Town) [Desmond Dekker]
07) Land Of Hope And Glory [Madness]
08) Don D Lion [Don Drummond]
09) Liquidator [Harry J & The All Stars]
10) Really Now [The Dreamletts]
11) Guns Of Navarone [The Skatalites]
12) Rudi Got Married [Laurel Aitken]
13) Monkey Man [Toots & The Maytals]
14) Long Shot Kick De Bucket [The Pioneers]
15) Whine & Grine [Prince Buster]
16) On My Radio [The Selecter]
17) King Hammond Shuffle [King Hammond]
18) Next Door Neighbour [Owen & Leon Silveras]
19) Happy Go Lucky Girl [The Paragons]
20) My Baby Is Gone [Delroy Wilson]
21) Hands Off... She's Mine [The Beat]
22) Mesopotamia [Don Drummond & The Skatalites]
23) Baddest Ruffest [Backyard Dog]
24) So Bad [The Upsetters]
25) Ghetto Organ [Jackie Mittoo]
26) Love I Can Feel [John Holt]
27) First Session [Baba Brooks Orchestra]
28) Wrong Embryo [The Rulers]


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