Friday, 16 March 2012

Subhumans - 1981 Demo & Extras

Here's a download of a 3 track demo from 1981 by the UK punk band Subhumans along with some other Subhumans 'related' stuff. There's a collection of 14 tracks by the Stupid Humans who were basically the Subhumans before Dick Lucas joined. There's also 8 tracks from the Mental which was the band Dick Lucas was in before joining the Subhumans. The band reformed fairly recently and are still excellent so check 'em out if you can. The files are only in 128kbps and the quality is far from perfect but they are only demo's and if you like the band then this is some stuff you may not've heard before.


Here's the tracklistings (128kbps)...

Subhumans - Demo (1981)
01) Parasites
02) It's Gonna Get Worse
03) Drugs Of Youth

Stupid Humans - Collection (1979 - 1980)
01) Society
02) Get Out Of My Way
03) Ashtray Dirt
04) Try
05) Killing
06) All Gone Dead
07) New Age
08) Why D'You Wanna Fight?
09) SID
10) First Aid
11) The Fuzz
12) Drugs Of Youth
13) All Gone Dead
14) Try

The Mental - Collection (1978 - 1980)
01) God For A Day
02) 18
03) Kill The Bill
04) Off The Rails
05) Party Political Bullshit
06) Oy! (Fried Tomatoes)
07) Fun In Camden
08) Attack


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