Friday, 30 March 2012

Flux Of Pink Indians - 1980 Demo, Neu Smell EP & Last Bus To Dresden EP

Here's a assortment of tracks from Flux Of Pink Indians. Included in the download is the Last Bus To Dresden EP from when they were going under the name The Epileptics. There is also an early 6 track demo which was recorded in 1980 and finally there is also the Neu Smell EP which was released on Crass Records in 1981. Flux Of Pink Indians were an anarcho-punk band originating from Bishops Stortford in the UK. The single covers etc. are included in the downloads.

I originally got the demo from the excellent Kill Your Pet Puppy site so a big thanks to them. There's loads of good stuff there so you should check it out.


Here's the tracklistings...

The Epileptics - [1979] Last Bus To Debden EP (320kbps)
01) Target On My Back
02) What Have You Got To Smile About
03) Tube Disasters
04) Two Years Too Late

NOTE: My copy of the single has a scratch on track 3 but I've included a 128kbps version with no scratch.

Flux Of Pink Indians - [1980] Demo (128kbps)
01) Tube Disasters
02) Sick Butchers
03) Left Me To Die
04) Background Of Malfunction
05) Is There Anybody There
06) Life After Death

Flux Of Pink Indians - [1981] Neu Smell EP (320kbps)
01) Neu Smell
02) Tube Disasters
03) Poem
04) Sick Butchers
05) Background Of Malfunction


Note: If the above links don't work try the following from Rapidshare...


  1. Hi ernest and lovely to see you've put the Merry Crassmas single up for the ho-ho-ho festive season. And there's even a stocking filler - the first-ever release of the full Triad gig by the Epileptics that was sampled on the Last Bus To Debden EP, here thanks to Adrian (in FLAC and mp3 @ 192, check the comments too for the Epileptics first 1979 single as the Licks):

    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  2. Hey Dave, Thanks for this and I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year :)