Friday, 28 September 2012

Grindcore Collection

Here's another compilation for your listening pleasure. This one's a selection of various different grindcore bands though there's also a bit of crust mixed in as well. Though whatever genre you want to call it this is all full on, blazing fast, brutal hardcore. Not for the faint hearted :)

It will fit onto a CD if you want to burn yourself a copy.

I'd also like to thank the mighty Brutal Truth who tweeted this comp when it was first up :)

Grindcore is an extreme genre of music that started in the early to mid 1980s. It draws inspiration from some of the most abrasive music genres - including death metal, industrial music, noise and the more extreme varieties of hardcore punk.


Here's the track listing (192kbps minimum)...
01) Dead Battery [Agoraphobic Nosebleed]
02) Rot [Hatred Surge]
03) Time To Act [Nasum]
04) Timelord Zero (Chronovore) [Agoraphobic Nosebleed]
05) Yawning God [Cretin]
06) Conference Call Immolation [Watchmaker]
07) Cheerleader Corpses [Pig Destroyer]
08) Nazi Punks Fuck Off [Napalm Death]
09) Genocide [Heresy]
10) Blood And Circus [Nausea]
11) Drug Me [Sepultura]
12) Information Superlost Highway [Agoraphobic Nosebleed]
13) Cold [Caustic Christ]
14) Corporation Pull-In [Terrorizer]
15) Your Turn Next [Concrete Sox]
16) Chickens [Electro Hippies]
17) Stench Of Death [Raw Noise]
18) You Will Be Shot [Naked City]
19) Spray Paint The Walls [Remembering Never]
20) Christianity Regurgitater [Agathocles]
21) Moral Distortion [Agoraphobic Nosebleed]
22) Function Function [Beecher]
23) Slaughtercult [Exhumed]
24) Follow Suit [Heresy]
25) I Hate People [Nasum]
26) Fucktoy [Brutal Truth]
27) Each Day A New Low [Concrete Sox]
28) Systems Shit [Extreme Noise Terror]
29) Mentally Murdered [Napalm Death]
30) Die And Get The Fuck Out Of The Way [Agoraphobic Nosebleed]
31) Euphoric State Of Butchery [Regurgitate]
32) Old And Tired [Hatred Surge]
33) Fuckable [Carnival In Coal]
34) Another Needs To Be Fed [Agathocles]
35) Sadists [Concrete Sox]
36) Slithering Maceration Of Ulcerous Facial Tissue [General Surgery]
37) Scarlet Hourglass [Pig Destroyer]
38) Butchers [Nausea]
39) Meltdown [Electro Hippies]
40) And If [The Distance]
41) Unleash The Bastards [Municipal Waste]
42) Pestilent Decay [Repulsion]
43) Blank Stare [Caustic Christ]
44) Negative Appeal [Insect Warfare]
45) Agorapocalypse Now (Loneliness Of The Long Distance Drug Runner) [Agoraphobic Nosebleed]
46) Today’s World [Concrete Sox]


Note: If the above links don't work try the following from Rapidshare...

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