Friday, 5 October 2012

American Hardcore Collection I

Here's a collection of some of the best of American Hardcore punk and thrash. This is this first in a couple of compilations I did and Part 2 will be available next week. Each one fits nicely on a CD and there is front and back covers if you want to burn yourself a copy :)

The CD cover is basically copied from The History Of American Hardcore DVD which is well worth a watch if you can. There is also a soundtrack album available from the DVD... but mine are better :)


Here's the tracklisting (320kbps)...
01) Stupid, Stupid War [D.R.I.]
02) Pisstest [Th'Inbred]
03) Poison Planet [Corrosion Of Conformity]
04) Victim In Pain [Agnostic Front]
05) Spread [7 Seconds]
06) Red Tape [Circle Jerks]
07) Witch World [Battalion Of Saints]
08) Guilty Of Being White [Minor Threat]
09) I Hate Myself [Offenders]
10) I Hate Work [MDC]
11) I've Heard [Dag Nasty]
12) Came Without Warning [Scream]
13) Human Waste [D.R.I.]
14) United And Strong [Agnostic Front]
15) Hate [Gang Green]
16) No Drunk [Corrosion Of Conformity]
17) Positive Song [Th'Inbred]
18) Drug Control [7 Seconds]
19) Out Of Vogue [Middle Class]
20) Too Much Fun [Battalion Of Saints]
21) Bad Attitude [Articles Of Faith]
22) Wasted [Circle Jerks]
23) Marriage [D.R.I.]
24) I Don't Wanna Hear It [Minor Threat]
25) Your Mistake [Agnostic Front]
26) Dick For Brains [MDC]
27) Middle Class Refugees [Th'Inbred]
28) Second Coming [Battalion Of Saints]
29) Regress No Way [7 Seconds]
30) Fed Up [Offenders]
31) Rabid Dogs [Corrosion Of Conformity]
32) In Your Eyes [Circle Jerks]
33) Joshua's Song [Bad Brains]
34) Counter Attack [D.R.I.]
35) Can I Say [Dag Nasty]
36) Time Will Come [Agnostic Front]
37) Straight Edge [Minor Threat]
38) Have Fun [Gang Green]
39) Inter Course [Battalion Of Saints]
40) Satan Youth [Th'Inbred]
41) New Wind [7 Seconds]
42) Center Of The World [Corrosion Of Conformity]
43) Inside The Middle [Offenders]
44) Meet The Press [Circle Jerks]
45) Bail Out [D.R.I.]
46) Radioactive Chocolate [MDC]
47) Shoot His Load [Agnostic Front]
48) Attitude [Bad Brains]
49) Justification [Dag Nasty]
50) Friend Or Foe (1983 Demo) [Negative Approach]
51) Modern Day Hero [Battalion Of Saints]
52) Walk Together Rock Together [7 Seconds]
53) Hardcore Inc [Th'Inbred]
54) Seeing Red [Minor Threat]
55) Broken Will [Corrosion Of Conformity]
56) Boiling Point [SS Decontrol]
57) Product Of My Environment [Circle Jerks]
58) Reaganomics [D.R.I.]
59) Fight Back [Offenders]
60) Who Are You/Time To Do [Void]


Note: If the above links don't work try the following from Rapidshare...


  1. Excellent comp dude!!! Top quality pogo-able shenanigans. "Buy American Buy Hershey They'll sell you death with no mercy! Radioactive Chocolate forever & ever!". I love MDC

  2. heheheheh nice :)

    Yeah, it's a good selection... and part II is coming on Friday the 12th so you should get that one as well.