Friday, 12 October 2012

American Hardcore Collection II

Here's the second part of the American Hardcore punk and thrash compilations I did. Again this will all fit nicely onto a single CD and I've even included front and back covers if you would like to burn yourself a copy :)

The CD cover is basically copied from The History Of American Hardcore DVD which is well worth a watch if you can. There is also a soundtrack album available from the DVD... but mine are better :)
... And yes I know The Stupids were from the UK ;)


Here's the tracklisting (320kbps)...
01) Demonomania [The Misfits]
02) Snob [Gang Green]
03) Repeat [Negative FX]
04) Straight Jacket [Jerry's Kids]
05) Good Intentions [Gorilla Biscuits]
06) Little Big Man [J.F.A.]
07) Killed By A Cripple [Stupids]
08) Don't Need It [Bad Brains]
09) Pisstest (Demo Version) [Th'Inbred]
10) Pay To Come Along [M.D.C.]
11) Devilock [The Misfits]
12) Idntfs [Negative FX]
13) Sacrifice Not Suicide [The Freeze]
14) Lie Lie Lie [Gang Green]
15) Pressure [Negative Approach]
16) Waiting For You [D.O.A.]
17) Tear It Up [Jerry's Kids]
18) We Don't Need Freedom [Saccharine Trust]
19) Frankfurter [Stupids]
20) Pride [Hüsker Dü]
21) Too Late [J.F.A.]
22) Vampira [The Misfits]
23) Degradation [Gorilla Biscuits]
24) Citizens Arrest [Negative FX]
25) Funeral March [T.S.O.L.]
26) The Positive Swan Song (Live) [Th'Inbred]
27) Attitude [Bad Brains]
28) Break The Mold [Jerry's Kids]
29) Katrina [Riot Cop]
30) Fair Warning [Negative Approach]
31) Broken Bones [The Freeze]
32) Kill A Commie [Gang Green]
33) U.S.A. [Reagan Youth]
34) We Bite [The Misfits]
35) Pecking Order [M.D.C.]
36) Sleeping Troubles [Stupids]
37) Allegiance [The Proletariat]
38) Protestor [Negative FX]
39) Kick You [J.F.A.]
40) Forgotten [Gorilla Biscuits]
41) Fucked Up Baby [D.O.A.]
42) No Time [Jerry's Kids]
43) Radio Unix U.S.A. [F.U.S.E.]
44) Narrow Mind [Gang Green]
45) Pay To Cum [Bad Brains]
46) Beyond The Threshold [Hüsker Dü]
47) I Have [Saccharine Trust]
48) Queen Wasp [The Misfits]
49) New Gods [Meat Puppets]
50) Apathy [Riot Cop]
51) Baby, Let's Play Exile [Th'Inbred]
52) Peace Through Power [T.S.O.L.]
53) Sick Of Talk [Negative Approach]
54) Idiots At Happy Hour [The Freeze]
55) I Don't Like You [J.F.A.]
56) I Know Better [Negative FX]
57) I Don't Care [Gang Green]
58) Your Little World [Stupids]
59) Stand Still [Gorilla Biscuits]
60) D.O.A. [D.O.A.]
61) Cracks In The Walls [Jerry's Kids]
62) L Dopa [Big Black]
63) Domination [Youth Youth Youth]
64) Together [Negative FX]
65) Green Hell [The Misfits]


Note: If the above links don't work try the following from Rapidshare...

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