Friday, 25 September 2009

Blyth Power - 1984 Demo

Here's an early demo by Blyth Power recorded in 1984. There are some of their other demo's from 85 & 86, as well as A Little Touch Of Harry In The Night. Just click here to see them all.

I got this recording from an excellent music blog called Kill Your Pet Puppy. If you like anarcho-punk, new wave & reggae etc. then it's definitely worth a visit and seeing what you can find.

Here's the tracklisting (128kbps mp3)...
01) Smoke From Cromwell's Time
02) Hurling Time
03) Chevy Chase
04) The Rookery
05) Ffucke-Masticke Room
06) My Lady's Games
07) Fang Over Lip
08) Me And Mr Absolutely


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