Friday, 8 May 2009

Cross Stitched Eyes

Cross Stitched Eyes formed in the summer 2005 and consist of people from far away countries of all directions with members related to Zygote, UK Subs, Enemies, Anger Of Bacteria, Cold Death, Subhumans, Black Mass, Endrophobia & Tourette Syndrom. They sound like a mixture of Rudimentary Peni and early (good) Killing Joke with a sprinkling of Amebix for good measure. You can get the album from for the measly sum of £5 with a nice gatefold cover and poster.

They've also just released a new 14 track album called Coranach on Alternative Tentacles so go and order it now. I think you get both vinyl and CD in the same album... which is nice :)

Cor"a*nach\, n. [Gael. coranach, or corranach, a crying, the Irish funeral cry (the keen), a dirge; comh with + ranaich a roaring, ran to roar, shriek.] A lamentation for the dead; a dirge.

DOWNLOAD the following tracks from the "Faith II Farce" album.
Cast Out II / Face / Suffer / Stitched

You can hear more stuff at the Cross Stitched Eyes Website

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