Monday, 4 May 2009

Watford v Derby

Well it appears that I've managed to convert my daughter Megan from supporting a foolish team like Chelsea to a far better choice. All it took was taking her to the last game of the season which was at home versus Derby. This was her first proper match and thankfully it turned out much better than I could've hoped for. Two goals from Grzegorz Rasiak and one from Jobi McAnuff giving Watford a 3 goal advantage at the end of the first half made her see why I can support a mid-table championship team rather than one of the teams at the top of the premiership. Admittedly Derby tried to come back in the second half but they could only manage a goal and she was proudly wearing her Watford shirt on the walk back from Vicarage Road. She still claims Chelsea as her second team but we can't have everything.

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