Friday, 8 May 2009


Short Sharp Shock (also known as SSS) are a thrash band from Liverpool, England. I saw them last year with Doomriders & Tortuga & they were superb, full on skate thrash hardcore. If you get a chance to see them I highly recommend it. They're playing at The Slaughterday Festival at The Purple Turtle in London on the 23rd of May. They have a web site at

Info: The band released a six track demo in May 2005, a four track EP the next year & their debut album Short Sharp Shock soon thereafter. Their label at the time was "Thrashgig/Dead & Gone Records" but their switch to Earache Records meant the album was re-issued in early 2007 with some additional bonus tracks. They released "The Dividing Line" in 2008, again on Earache. I've got the special edition release of this album with a bonus DVD of live footage and a 20 minute documentary but you can also just get the album (available from Earache or Amazon).

DOWNLOAD a few tracks from "The Dividing Line"
Oil & Water / Bored / Ride The Best Fuck The Rest / Times Up / Street Leech / 3:06

DOWNLOAD a sampler from "Short Sharp Shock"
The Answer Is Never / SSS / OJ Skyrckts / LxBxP / Son Of Beast

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  1. did you know "tortuga" is spanish for tortoise!