Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Patrik Fitzgerald

Patrik Fitzgerald was an acoustic folk punker I first heard during the early days of punk. According to his my space page he is still releasing music today but here's copies of his first two singles (192kbps mp3). Both EPs were released on Small Wonder Records. The first single is pretty crackly so if anyone has any advice on removing the cracks/hisses etc. from the recording let me know please. Cheers.

The first single was released in 1977. The tracks are as follows :

01) Banging & Shouting
02) Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart
03) Work Rest Play Reggae
04) Set We Free
05) Optimism


The second single was released in 1978. Here's the track listing.

01) Buy Me Sell Me
02) Little Dippers
03) Trendy
04) Backstreet Boys


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