Wednesday, 12 August 2009

E-Z Rollers - Drum & Bass Mix

This download is a 25 minute mix by the E-Z Rollers, a drum & bass trio from Norfolk in the UK. This was released as a bonus CD with a sampler from Moving Shadow Records in 1999. You may recognise the final track from the film Lock, Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels and they've also had a hand in a few game soundtracks, check their wiki page for more information. It's not hardcore drum & bass but a lot more funky with some absolutely superb bass lines and breaks. One of my favourite mixes ever and definitely worth listening to.

Heres the blurb from the CD...
The E-Z Rollers excel themselves with a stunning 25 minute mix of their own favourite tracks, as well as new productions never heard before outside the E-Z Rollers studio. Starting with a live snippet from their recent gig in Munich (Dec 98) this mix will give you the full flavour of the E-Z Rollers superb live sound.


Heres the tracklisting (320kbps mp3)...
01) Tribe
02) Retro
03) Cops Don't Like Us (Previously Unreleased)
04) Science Funktion
05) Tough At The Top (Origin Unknown Mix)
06) Hip To The Game
07) Cop Theme
08) RS 2000 (Previously Unreleased)
09) Get Lifted (Previously Unreleased)
10) Weekend World
11) Focus
12) Tough At The Top (Original Vocal Mix)
13) Walk This Land (Smoking Barrels Mix)


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