Saturday, 22 August 2009

Gong - Floating Anarchy

This is a live album from 1977 by Planet Gong and the Here & Now Band. Gong are a french/english space rock band started by Daevid Allen, an Australian musician, poet & performer. They were formed in 1967 & have been together in some lineup or other right upto today. Notable band members have been Steve Hillage, Allan Holdsworth, Tim Blake, Didier Malherbe, Pip Pyle, Gilli Smyth, Mike Howlett & Pierre Moerlen. Others who have briefly played in Gong include Bill Bruford, Brian Davison & Chris Cutler.

Heres the tracklisting (320kbps mp3)
01) Psychological Overture
02) Floating Anarchy
03) Stone Innoc Frankenstein
04) New Age Transformation Try / No More Sages
05) Opium For The People
06) Allez Ali Baba Black Sheep Have You Any Bull Shit

[29 DEC 2010] UPDATE: There is a 'mega-post' for the Here & Now band at the excellent site (Big thanks to Dave Sez & pinkpressthreat).



  1. Been a loooong time since I heard this! Brilliant! Pot head pixies of the world unite!

    Old anarcho-punks Polemic (Attack) used to regularly drop punked-up versions of Opium... and Floating Anarchy into their sets, as well as a couple of Here & Now tunes. Good times.

  2. Glad you like it. They're playing at the end of November supported by the Steve Hillage band. Im thinking about going to the London & Brighton gigs but it does mean dusting off the patchouli joss and growing my hair.

    I noticed on the cover it had the "Pay No More Than". I wonder if this was one of the first releases to use that. I know a lot of the anarcho bands did it but this was 77 so it could be. It also had "Better to rip it off if you can" so I posted it up ;)

    Im surprised to hear Polemic Attack did Gong covers, be good to hear their versions.

  3. Merci, monsieur-I got "Fantasy Shift from you recently but didn't know you had this-cheers to Dave Sez for letting us know on his Here & Now Megapost at:

  4. Thanks for the plug, Ernest. At the above megapost, you'll find a real rarity - the original live recording used for this album. including a killer version of Addicted not used on the LP. Cheers, Dave Sez

  5. Nice one Dave. I'll definitely be getting that one :)